Preview | Discover Your SeXy-Factor with Rúna Magnús

The presenter today is an internationally awarded personal branding speaker, author, and Icelandic entrepreneur who’s done some really incredible work in helping people discover their “Sexy Factor.” Her name: Runa Magnus.

What do I mean when I say “Sexy Factor”? Well, ever notice how some people can just walk into a room and totally “own it” with their energy, magnetism, charm, and just sheer sexiness? Those people, says Rúna, are very much in tune with their Sexy Factor – and that’s what Rúna and I talk about in this interview.

You’ll learn about the unique circumstances which led me to introduce myself to Rúna (hint: singing is involved) – and more. Here are just a few things you’ll discover.

  • The number one most important question to ask yourself before entering a meeting – or even just before going to work. Answering this question will allow you to more authentically be your sexy self.
  • How your life feels when you’re truly in touch with your “Sexy Factor” and natural flow.
  • …And much more!

Runa is fun, insightful, and energetic – all of which are very good reasons to give this interview a watch.