Preview | Boost compassion & self-love w/ Monika Laschkolnig

Are you aware of what you are worthy of in respect to your happiness and love?

You can only allow into your life what you feel worthy of, so it is crucial for your future to explore all areas of your life and gain clarity on your worthiness.

What are you worthy of? How would your life be different, if you lived fully from the paradigm of worthiness?

You are worthy. That’s a fact.

You are a worthy human being. Not because you have achieved or accomplished something in life. You are worthy because you were born. It’s your birthmark. You might have forgotten it, you might have paid too little attention to what your true worthiness is, or you may even feel someone has destroyed it. Be assured that it has never been gone. Thus you can now unleash the power of your self-worth. Today's interview offers you an opportunity to rediscover what you are really worthy of in all areas of your life.