A star is born, almost dies & is re-born!

Over the last 20+ years I have performed music in front of 5000+ people, presented multiple TEDx talks, anchored the news and appeared on nearly every TV show, Today I am confident and poised on TV and on stage. But it wasn't always that way!

I had some amazing and patient mentors along my journey who have helped me become the successful star that I am. Since my waiting list for private coaching is 1-year long I choose to 'pay it forward' to the thousands of people who have contacted me because they have a burning desire to share their message, product or service with a larger audience I now teach courses and workshops around the world.

Watch Dr. Pennington's Media Image Evolve

Dr. Pennington's expertise in television production, script supervision, writing, reporting and online marketing is currently in high demand with companies and individuals across the world.

Even media superstars need coaching!

Dr. Andrea created her personal media brand in America starting in 2000 while working as Medical Director and Spokesperson at Discovery Health Channel - before it became the Oprah Winfrey Network. But many don't realize that the 'Dr. Andrea' brand didn't really fit with her values and personality.

After years of nationwide recognition on TV, the radio and the Internet she felt boxed in and limited by the on-air persona. She couldn't continue living with a half-baked version of herself. (In fact in 2005 she 'killed off!' the old Dr. Andrea image - but that's a story for another day!)

After her second appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show Dr. Pennington recognized that she had to portray her expertise and her brand message in a more authentic way - in line with her values and long-term goals. Today she has been featured on nearly every TV network in America plus CNN International.

That's why she is the perfect person to help YOU craft your brand message, online presence and media outreach plan to share YOUR message with the world in a natural and sustainable way.